Wudang Taoist Culture Centre(WTCC) is located in central China's Wudang Mountains.

        We are a professional organization that acts as a bridge between Wudang and the world. WTCC has several bases up and below the mountain. The Centre has been trying best to help you with deeper exploration about Wudang Culture.

        Taoist Wellness Dept.

        In charge of the teaching of Tai chi chuan and Chi Kung (Qi Gong) forprevention of illness, longevity and good health.

        Cultural Studies Dept.

        In charge of organizing cultural studies such as calligraphy, painting, Mandarin, culinary art and so on.

        Tours Dept.

In charge of organizing sightseeing and study tours, either in or out Wudang.

        Manchandise Dept.

        In charge of home and abroad sales of the local products such as Wudang Taoist Tea, health pillow, martial arts wear and weapons including Wudang sword, Taoist Fuchen.


        Some of the staffs:

         1) Gu Shiyi----- Director of Wudang Taoist Culture Centre and headmaster of the Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy. As he is a diciple of Wudang Sanfeng Pai and inheritor of Wudang style, he has got a name Shining. As he is an English major who has received formal education and has rich experience guiding or teaching westerners, he has also got an English name: Victor.

    Call him Gu Shiyi, or Gu Shining? Address him Victor or Master Gu? This is not an important issue. What is really meaningful is that:
He is probably the kind of Chinese master you've been searching for!!! You are not interested in those who can present one Tao Lu after another and also put numerous videos on internet; you expect to find a master who has abundant knowledge - he lay much emphasis on combiantion of the knowledge with the movements. He can teach in Fluent English (Master Gu's second foreign language is French and he is now learning Spanish) and help you with deeper exploration of Taoist culture!

Wudang Sanfeng Pai Big Family
(the 3rd from the right is theEnglish-speaking Gu, in grey and with glasses)

   He has been organizing sightseeing, esp study trip to Wudang, China, connecting the other sites. He is doing all this in a Taoist way
rather than a tourist way. He regards whoever visits this website and come to China via him a Taoist friend.

        2)Xie Si-ying ----- Xie Ziying(b. Aug. 1944), female, member of Hubei Province Wushu Association ; member of Shiyan city Wushu Association and instructor; Honorable researcher of Wudangshan Wudang Boxing Seminar; National Grade 1 instructor of social physical education; Chinese Wushu 6 th Duan. Dedicated to the research and promotion of Chinese Tai chi.

        Master Xie Began to practice martial arts at 7. In 1989, she went up to Mt Wudang, where she stayed in temples for many years and learned a lot from the Taoist master Guo Gao-yi. Later she learned from Mr Liu Huan-jun from Sanfeng Nature-gate and Liu Rui, a famous Wudang Zhaobao Tai chi chuan. She also got guidance from Li Xuantong and You Xuande in the Taoist circle and Mr Fu Zhong-wen. Mm Xie is especially accomplished in Wudang Sanfeng Taiji quan and Wudang traditional sword and quite many health-keeping Qigong.

       She is strict with your learning and at the same time she has a mother's heart to everyone. She is one of the very few female martial artists and no less prominent than the other martial artists.

        3)Master Bi---- Master Bi is a healthy and energetic elderly man with white beard and lovely smile on his face. Already in his 80's, he keeps doing his Laojun Yangsheng Gong( Old Sage Health-keeping Qigong). He is also a grand master of caligraphy and painting. Click his picture on the right to see more of his story.






Director & Headmaster Gu Shining
Master Xie
Master Bi


Wushu & Culture License


Wudang Wushu Inheritor with Government Allowance


Gu Shining titled as

100 Wudang Celebrities

How to reach us in Wudang Shan?

Train: Beijing(Shanghai or Wuhan)-Shiyan

Bus: from Xi'an where Terra Cotta was found, you can take express bus on Xi'an-Wudang highway;

Plane: at present, you can take Beijing(Shanghai) - Xiangfan plane to get here; In about 4 years, Wudangshan airport is to be completed, it's a lot easier then to reach here.

The surrounding places of interest

Three Gorges to its south; Shaolin Temple to its north; Terra Cotta to the northwest in Shanxi Province