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"Bi Laoshi!" shouted Victor.

There was no reply.

"Bi Laoshi!", Victor again shouted.

The door of GuandiTemple opened as he responded, "Ai, here I am".

    At the door stood a white bearded man of youthful old age resembling Tolkien's Gandalf and thus, so too, did the door open for many foreigners to the Daoist World of China.

    Few people visited Bi Laoshi, who meditated in his old temple for many years. He was a Hermit of Wudang Mountain and had aroused much curoisity among foreigners and mountain folk alike. Afterall, Bi Laoshi is not merely an elderly man retiring in an old temple. He was formerly a highly respected teacherof Chinese Language. He retired early, suffering an ailment that caused his hands to tremble. Upon retirement, he journeyed to numerous mountains before settling on Wudang Mountain.

   Already having formed a good habit of exercise, he became even more deeply absorbed in the research of Daoist Internal Alchemy, reading and studying vigourously. His research resulted in his formation of a method of Internal Alchemy that cured him of his physical ailment. He named his method "Laojun Gong" (Art of the Old Sage).

   He is the caretaker in residence of Guandi Temple, where he practices Laojun Gong, writes calligraphy scrolls and creates beautiful paintings honouring Nature and the Dao.

His temple is not far from the centre, so Bi laoshi has been invited as the Art, Calligraphy and Chinese Language Master at WTCC.